Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Sahara Q Shop – Where Quality and Purity is a Mission!

Sahara Q Shop has been successful in its mission of providing pure and quality staples, processed foods, kitchen groceries, personal and home care products. But how do we ensure that each and every product that we offer you is in its highest form of purity and quality? Let’s explain you here:

At Sahara Q Shop we follow Sahara Quality Management System which begins at the grass root level of manufacturing and packaging by using Quality control techniques like raw material testing, online process monitoring and finished product testing. All food and non-food products go through SQMS to eliminate any physical, chemical or biological vulnerability in the entire value chain.
There are 7 hi-tech laboratories being established across India which focus on testing pesticides, heavy metals, naturally occurring toxic substances (NOTS) and all kinds of known food adulterants, besides testing for physical, chemical and microbiological factors.

The manufacturing/packaging locations are stringently selected by reviewing various factors like infrastructure, quality control processes, incoming material control, processing control, final product control, cleaning and sanitation practices, employee hygiene, pest control, training, quality assurance system, warehousing and transportation practices, to name a few.

Besides all these preventive quality control factors, SaharaQ Shop has a Quality Advisory Board comprising top notch scientists and doctors of India, who have been instrumental in making Sahara Q Shop achieve its mission of delivering Quality and Purity.

We are doing our part by ensuring that we follow and deliver the best standards of quality in all our products and spread the knowledge about food adulteration in India. However, this Fight against adulteration is incomplete without You. If the common man understands the perils of Adulteration, the entire nation can thrive in good food and good health.

Monday, 30 December 2013

Rewrite The Rules Of Buying Your Monthly Ration!

With the advancement of science and technology, we’ve seen an agricultural revolution or commonly known as Green Revolution in our country. However, this revolution has had its share of pros and cons. The pros being higher production of food grains making India self sufficient and the downside being the negative effects of high use of fertilizers and pesticides. Overuse of fertilizers, pesticides affects the nutritive value of food grains.

Today, due to the pace our lives have taken, we fall short of time to inspect the food we buy, the food that our family intakes. In India the age old tradition of buying ration from Kirana Stores is a rule that almost every household has followed since generations. Does anyone take responsibility of quality checks at our local kirana store is what we should ask ourselves?

Even when we include a better food choice in our routine, even when we shun fast food, even when we include more fruits, we still see that the average life expectancy has decreased, the span of health related issues has increased, our immunity has taken a back seat. We should do a self-introspection in our lives and try to answer that why despite trying to be healthy, we are not?

It is commonly said that “our health is the mirror of what we eat”. And this is the answer to all above questions. We need to Change our Choices to increase the Chances of better Health of our family and society!

And this is not a tough task. It’s just we need to rewrite the rules of shopping. We need to question the Quality of the food and non-food items we buy as part of our monthly ration. We need to be sure of the Quality that our Kirana store offers.

At Sahara Q shop there has been a conscious effort to put the Quality in place as a priority. It’s time you take control and take the mission to fight adulteration ahead!

Friday, 27 December 2013

A New Year – A New Resolution!

Every year we make new resolutions. Some take a resolution to quit smoking, some take a resolution to stay away from fast food, some take resolution to hit the gym atleast 4 days a week, some take a resolution to be more punctual at work and the list goes on... 

What about welcoming this New Year 2014 with a progressive resolution, which will not only improve the health of our family but will help us lay foundation to fight for a social cause. Yes we are talking about taking a resolution to consume unadulterated food ourselves and ignite the fight against adulteration in the neighbourhood that we live in.

Majority of Indian households are engulfed in the shackles of buying and consuming adulterated food. In other words we have turned our eyes off to this critical supply chain error or cheating. We get educated and work hard to earn our living to live a fulfilling life. However, in this marathon of life we are forgetting that a fulfilling life flourishes on the threshold of health. And food being basic contributor to good health, we cannot ignore eating right by consuming Unadulterated Food!

Let’s take this resolution to be responsive about providing Unadulterated food to our kids, parents and ourselves to bring a positive change in the lives of people we truly care about and further spread the word to demolish food adulteration from India.

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Why Awareness Against Food Adulteration The Need Of The Hour In India?

Today not even a single food product is spared from adulterants. Right from urea in milk, lead chromate in fruits and vegetables, pesticides in cold drinks, artificial colors in sweets, juices, jams, ketchup, and confectioneries, animal fat in vegetarian food to wax in cheese, substandard flour, papaya seeds in pepper, the list of adulterants just goes on. These adulterants hazardously affect our health causing various diseases. The common people at large are still not aware about the Menace of Adulteration.

In spite of amendments to the Prevention of Food Adulteration Act, 1954, food adulteration in India has only increased to an alarming level. Low penalty of Rs 500 to Rs 1,000 for food fraud and erring manufacturers and traders being hardly put behind bars have only aided to the booming industry of food adulteration. If the menace is not controlled now, it would give birth to an unhealthier tomorrow with diseases ruling the roost! Lack of consumer awareness and their ignorance about PFA standards have only made things worse. Awareness about Food Adulteration is thus the need of the hour in India.

Friday, 13 December 2013

Save Your Children From Adulterated Food

A single food cannot provide all required nutrients to keep one healthy. Maintaining the highest state of mental and physical vigor is vital for growing children and hence the necessity of consuming different types of food with differing nutrients, all well balanced. Are you, as parents, providing the essential nutrients to your children? Are you confident about the quality and quantity of nutrients available in the everyday foods you provide them? Indeed not! The market is flooded with adulterated food products, right from breakfast cereals, jams, jellies, ketchups, biscuits and other processed food to pulses, flours, rice, spices, fruits, vegetables, and more. The adulterants cause serious health hazards, both in the short and long term.

Common adulterants in children foods
  • Artificial colors, starch, glucose, and foreign seeds in jams and jellies
  • Red beet and artificial colors often added to tomato ketchup
  • Substandard and unsafe ingredients in most biscuits
  • Animal fat in bakery products
  • Iron fillings in cornflakes to increase weight
  • Metanil yellow color in biscuits to maintain color
  • Mouldy wheat used to make flours
  • Urea, starch, water, veterinary drug residue, etc. in milk
  • Imported toxic lentils sold as local lentils
  • White powdered stone and chalk in common salt
  • Chalk powder in sugar
  • Mud grit stone materials, ash and mineral matter in breakfast cereals

Irrespective of whether you buy children’s food from kirana or branded stores, the list of ingredients or the nutrition facts label displayed in the food items you buy may not tell the real story. Consciously, you are only providing slow poison to your children! Save your children from adulterated food!

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Fight Firm Against Adulteration – Pledge For A Healthy Today And Tomorrow

Do you know food adulteration is a booming industry in India? Yes, food adulteration cases in the country are on the rise with roughly every raid conducted by government authorities being deemed positive! India almost tops the list among other countries in the world on the rising cases of adulteration. According to government surveys and reports released, the amount of adulterated food figured at 8 percent in 2008-09. The figure more than doubled in 2012-13 at 20 percent! It is time people become increasingly aware of the menace and the serious health hazards associated with adulteration otherwise this figure will only triple in no time.

In the name of food, people in India today, are only consuming slow poison. Right from the staple foods consumed everyday to processed food, milk, fruits, vegetables, etc. are all adulterated. The health and family welfare ministry department conducted random tests of 29,328 food samples in 123 labs across India recently and found 20 percent of the items highly adulterated. It has been proven that most of the lifestyle diseases including chronic and non-chronic (diarrhea, paralysis, cardiac arrest, cancer, stomach disorders, liver and kidney problems, and more) are caused / triggered by adulterants found in cereals, pulses, milk, fruits, vegetables, spices, beverages, processed food, and more. Hence, fight against adulteration is important in India.

Why victimize yourself and your children consciously by consuming the ‘slow poison’? Say no to adulterated food. Buy only the purest and the best quality food products from reliable sources. Take the pledge today! Consume only unadulterated food. Ensure for yourself and your future generation a healthy lifestyle.