Friday, 29 November 2013

Health Hazards of Food Adulteration!

We eat to live. Health is wealth. A healthy mind rests in a healthy body. These phrases /maxims seem insignificant if you are consciously consuming adulterated food! With almost all everyday foods available in the market being adulterated, staying healthy today seems an unfeasible affair. Say ‘no’ to adulterated food and live healthy!

Adulterants cause adverse health effects. Enlisted below are few health hazards of food adulteration:

  • Epidemic dropsy, glaucoma, and cardiac arrest are caused by argemone seeds / oil mixed with mustard seeds, edible oils and fats
  • Cancer and liver disorder are caused by saw dust, foreign leaves, exhausted tea leaves, artificial colors mixed with tea
  • Diarrhea is caused by tamarind seed and chicory powder mixed with coffee
  • The digestive tract gets damaged by sand, marble chips, stones, filth and lead mixed in food grains and pulses
  • Anemia, abortion, paralysis, and brain damage are caused by lead chromate mixed with spices
  • Blurred vision, blindness, death are caused by methanol mixed with alcoholic liquors
  • Dizziness, chills, cramps, paralysis, and even death are caused by lead arsenate sprayed over fruits
  • Brain damage, paralysis, and even death are caused by mercury treated seed grains and fish
  • Foot-drop, insomnia, anemia, constipation, mental retardation, and brain damage are caused by lead found in water and processed food
  • Stomach disorder is caused by chalk powder mixed with sugar
  • Stomach pain and ulcer are caused by coal tar dye mixed with green peas and pulses.

And the list goes on…It is time we are seriously aware of the health hazards of food adulteration and stop consuming adulterated food. Start buying the purest and best quality foods from reliable sources. For more information on quality products visit

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Common Adulterants in Spices!

The therapeutic health benefits, the aroma, the taste, the flavor – advantages of spices are myriad. Spices have been integral part of food preparation since time immemorial. They change the look and color of food and enhance the deliciousness. Yes, spices are composed of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, phyto-nutrients, and essential oils, necessary for our wellness.

Ironically, the spices available in the market are often adulterated. In the name of spices, we may actually be consuming ‘slow poison’ that would have an adverse effect on our health in the long run when consumed regularly.

Let's take a look at the common adulterants used in spices and their health effects:

  •     Turmeric powder (Haldi) may contain yellow aniline dyes and non-permitted colorants like metanil yellow, which are highly carcinogenic
  •     Tapioca starch in turmeric causes stomach disorder
  •     Chilli powder (Lal Mirch) may be mixed with brick powder, saw dust, and artificial colors; these adulterants cause cancer and stomach disorders
  •     Asafoetida (Hing) often comes mixed with foreign resins galbanum and colophony resin; they cause dysentery
  •     Mustard powder (Sarson) is mixed with argemone seeds; these adulterants cause epidemic dropsy and glaucoma
  •     Pepper powder (Kali Mirch) or pepper seeds may be mixed with papaya Seeds and light berrys, which cause liver problems and stomach disorder
  •     Cumin seed (Zeera) and Poppy seed (Khaskhas) may contain artificially coloured foreign seeds; these are highly injurious to health
  •     Mixed spices may contain lead chromate; this adulterant causes anemia, abortion, paralysis, and brain damage.

Can we do without spices? Apparently not! So, why not be aware about adulterants and buy unadulterated spices from reliable sources only. Fight the menace of adulteration and let you and your future generations stay safe from the harmful effects of adulteration. To be a part of the Fight Against Adulteration visit our site

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Common Adulterants in Beverages!

A few sips of tea or coffee in the morning do make your day, energizing you for the chores ahead! Today beverages are included sensibly as part of the everyday food as balanced diet that is calorically appropriate and nutritionally adequate.

Though beverages may not add the required nutrients, they contain water, which indirectly helps prevent dehydration, thus maintaining body balance. Yes, fruit juices, of course, provide few of the required minerals and vitamins we need. But are you sure that the beverages you drink are pure and unadulterated? Definitely not! Almost all beverages available in the market are adulterated.

Common adulterants in beverages and diseases caused
•    Tea may contain fluoride; it causes mottling of teeth, skeletal and neurological disorders
•    Tea also contains exhausted tea leaves, foreign leaves, saw dust artificial colors, which cause cancer and liver disorder
•    Chicory and tamarind seed powder are used as adulterants for coffee; they cause diarrhea
•    Fruit juices and soft drinks generally contain cadmium; this adulterant causes liver and kidney damage, increased salivation, prostrate cancer, and acute gastritis
•    Water and liquors may contain cobalt, which causes mycocardial failure and cardiac insufficiency
•    Cold drinks contain brominated vegetable oils, which cause enlargement of heart and anemia
•    Alcoholic liquors contain methanol, which causes blurred vision, blindness, and even death
•    Carbonator water beverages contain aluminium leaves; this adulterant causes stomach disorders.

While adulteration may happen during the processing and packaging stage, food frauds purposely incorporate adulterants for financial gain. These adulterants cause adverse effects on our health. It is time we are aware of the menace and buy only pure beverages free from adulteration! See More details at

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Common Adulterants in Processed Food

Who can resist the temptation to eating potato chips, nuggets, French fries, sugary cereals, hot dogs, and other processed foods! Yes, the popularity of processed food is only ascending. Why not opt for healthy alternatives? Most processed foods contain sugar, salt, preservatives, fat, sodium and other harmful adulterants. Having unadulterated food is the secret behind staying healthy.

Adulterants in processed food and after-effects
  • Defectively canned low or medium-acid foods, fermented food, etc. contain clostridium botulinus toxins A,B,E or F, which causes double vision, muscular paralysis, and death due to respiratory failure
  • Canned meats and improperly processed milk contain the bacteria clostridium.perfringens (Welchii) type A, which causes nausea, abdominal pains, diarrhoea, and gas formation
  • Cold drinks contain brominated vegetable oils, which cause anemia and enlargement of the heart
  • In a variety of processed food, sulphur dioxide and sulphite are used beyond safe limit as preservatives; they cause acute irritation of the gastro-intestinal tracts
  • Processed foods containing anti-caking agents, etc. are mixed with asbestos; it may cause cancer
  • Processed protein products often contain urea, melamine and other non-protein nitrogen sources that add value to protein content
  • Chemical additives used to add color, flavor, and enhance shelf life of processed food cause serious health hazards
  • Jams and jellies may be actually a mixture of glucose, coal-tar dye, apple scraps, timothy seed, etc.
  • Table sugar, shigella sonnei, urea, starch, acids, formalin, soap, detergents, melamine, etc. are often mixed with milk to maintain thickness and increase shelf life; these adulterants affect the liver, kidneys, digestive system, and cause other health problems
  • Nuggets, French fries, etc. are high in preservatives, salt, and fat content, and the list goes on

Consuming processed foods continuously negatively impacts upon our health. Given the affordability, convenience, and long shelf life, processed foods have no wonder become a part and parcel of urban life however we should not give in into this convenience and be very aware while purchasing unadulterated processed foods to eat safe, and stay healthy. Let's spread the word, make the people aware and fight adulteration together!

Monday, 18 November 2013

Common Adulterants in Pulses

Rarely any food available in the market is spared from adulteration today. One of the greatest sources of protein, fiber, and nutrition is pulses. Adding pulses to your everyday diet keeps you healthy. They are good for the heart and help manage diabetes and coeliac disease. But, are you getting the right source of nutrients from the pulses you consume everyday? Certainly not! You are consciously consuming adulterants! Yes, adulterants reduce the quality of pulses, giving naissance to curable and incurable diseases when consumed regularly.

Common adulterants in pulses and their harmful effects:
  • Sand, marble chips, stones, filth; these adulterants affect the digestive tract
  • Lathyrus sativus is mixed with khesari dal or other pulses; it causes crippling spastic paraplegia
  • Asbestos in particulate or powder form (for polishing); it causes cancer
  • Metanil yellow is added to old stocks of pulses to enhance color; it is carcinogenic and causes stomach disorders. It also causes testicular degeneration in the male if consumed for long
  • Soluble coal tar dye is used to enhance quality and make the pulses look clean; it is highly injurious to health
  • Khesari dal stones are often mixed with other pulses; continuous consumption of this dal cause paralysis of the limbs.

It is time we wake up and take a pledge to stop buying adulterated pulses. Buy pulses and other food items only from approved sources. Besides, do not keep stock of pulses for long. Ensure that the storage space is clean. If health is wealth and if you believe that a healthy mind rests in a healthy body, start consuming unadulterated pulses.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Common Adulterants in Staples

Proteins, fats, and carbohydrates – these are one or more of the organic macro-nutrients we need for our survival and good health. We consume certain foods routinely, those that are readily available, have long shelf life, and are inexpensive. These foods are staples, containing the aforementioned organic macro-nutrients. In India, common staple foods are wheat, rice, semolina (rawa), besan, pulses and things that do not need to be refrigerated.
 Are you convinced that the staple foods you consume everyday are not adulterated? You would be surprised that almost all staple foods available in the market are adulterated. Think about food grains and pulses; it is often adulterated with pebbles,damaged grains, weeds, marble chips, filth, stones, etc. these are intentionally mixed to increase quantity. Discolored and damaged grains usually carry fungal toxins, ergot is another adulterant commonly present in foodgrains.  Consuming them affects the digestive tract.The honey you have for breakfast every morning may be actually a blend of colored sugar syrup, unwanted minerals and antibiotics.

What about wheat flour and powdered rice? These are generally adulterated with starch and chalk powder. And who doesn’t love ice creams! In the name of ice creams, you might be actually consuming pepperoni, butraldehyde, washing powder, emil acetate, nitrate, ethyl acetate, and other fatty substances. Potatoes, green peas, and other vegetables are often painted with artificial colors and sprayed with chemicals for longer shelf life.

Let's be aware of these common adulterants and say No to adulteration in staples.

Friday, 15 November 2013

Fight adulteration and save our children!!

Today’s children are the citizens of tomorrow. Their future is the nation’s future. Their holistic development (mentally, physically, emotionally, and socially) is the steering to the nation’s progress tomorrow and their responsibility towards family and society. It was Pundit Nehru’s dream of seeing all children educated, loved, cared, and protected. This 14th day of November, Nehru’s birthday, is celebrated as Children’s Day to commemorate his love for children.
Sahara Q Shop Wishes Happy Children's Day

Are you, as parents, confident about your children’s health? Are you providing them nutritious food? Good health is the base to their excellent educational foundation and their holistic development. The healthier they are, the brighter they will be in their academic and extracurricular activities. Unfortunately, the market is full of adulterated food and we all consume the ‘slow poison’ everyday in milk, pulses, cereals, noodles, jams, corn flakes, vegetables, confectioneries, and what not!

Adulterants used in food are mostly carcinogenic and cause a host of health problems. Stomach disorders, liver damage, brain damage, behavioral problems, epidemic dropsy, glaucoma, cardiac arrest, kidney failure, lungs disorder, digestive difficulty, paralysis, cancer are only few of the diseases caused by adulterants. Children are the most vulnerable to these diseases.

Say ‘No’ to adulterated food! Ensure safe health of your children. The way you take care of the health of your children greatly determines their future health status. Get unadulterated food for your children. Build for them a healthy and better future by providing them nutritious food. Let’s take a pledge today, this Children’s Day, that we provide them pure unadulterated food everyday. Let us implement this pledge heartily and in true spirits! Fight adulteration and save our children!

To know more details you may visit the site

Monday, 11 November 2013

How safe is Drinking Water? An insight into Water Contamination and Water Adulteration

The very basic need for human existence is Water. Water is an indispensable natural resource and is a bare essential to perform our daily chores. However, living in a developing nation, it’s not easy to curb the detrimental issues like contaminated water. According to a report by the United Nations, 90% of wastewater discharged in developing countries is left untreated everyday and the damaging effect of the same can be well understood by the fact that over 3 million people around the world die each year by drinking water which is deemed unfit for human consumption.

Looking at the figures back home, 37.7 million Indians are affected by waterborne diseases each year. Water contamination in India is majorly contributed by untreated sewerage which contaminates surface as well as ground water. Apart from sanitation issues, rivers like Yamuna, Ganga, Gomti, Ghaggar, Chambal flow through highly populated cities and get polluted due to the industries they cross.  A study has found that tap water may contain toxics like mercury.

However, with the increase in the literacy rate, more and more Indians are becoming aware of consuming safe drinking water. Amongst the common usages of water like drinking, washing clothes & utensils, taking a bath, watering plants, etc... a lot of care is taken by the Indians for the Drinking water. Most of us prefer Bottled water over using Tap water as we are aware that the tap water may be contaminated by chemicals, microbes, pathogens, sanitation issues, etc...

Adulterated Water in India has been a menace since long. Every now and then we come across news on adulterated water which unveils the fact that even the bottled water or mineral water can be spurious. Many a times Authorities pick up samples of mineral water and find them contaminated with Microbes and toxics. Therefore, it becomes quintessential for us to consume Quality marked Bottled Water which is processed at water plants using aseptic filling technologies ensuring delivery of Safe Drinking water.
People have to become aware of the fact that Bottled Water can be adulterated too. By consuming bottled water from a not so reliable outlet is like you are paying for the adulterated water and furthermore helping grow the spurious business of adulterated water.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Menace of Adulteration

Are you confident about the purity of the food that you consume? Ironically, we are conscious victims of food adulteration. The increasing incidence of diseases today, is, to some extent, related to adulteration.

Adulteration is a lucrative business today, profit being the key objective. The most basic foods we consume today are adulterated. Think of any food item – the milk you drink, the pulses and cereals you consume, the spices you add to food for a delicious flavor, the beverages you drink – there is almost no product that is not adulterated. Even baby food products not to mention vegetables and canned fruits, are adulterated.

For some time news hit the headlines about the supply of chemical milk in the market. Come a big festive celebration like Diwali and news about adulterated sweets hit as breaking news. But, consciously or unconsciously we hardly pay heed to the same and continue consuming adulterated food. Indeed it does negatively impact upon our health!

Here are few adulterants and diseases caused by the same:
·         Urea used in milk damage the heart and kidneys in the long run
·         Argenome seeds and oil used in mustard seeds, edible oils and fats cause cardiac arrest, glaucoma, and epidemic dropsy
·         Saw dust and exhausted tea leaves mixed in tea causes cancer and other health problems
·         Rancid oil used in oils destroys Vitamin A and E
·         TCP used in oils cause paralysis
·         Filth, marble chips, stones, sand used in food grains and pulses damage the digestive tract
·         Artificial colors used in various food items including turmeric, chilly powder, etc. cause cancer
·         Mineral oil used in edible oils and fats cause cancer
·         Methanol used in alcoholic liquors cause blindness, blurred vision, and even death
·         Lead chromate used in turmeric and spices causes brain damage, abortion in pregnant women, anemia, and paralysis
·         Arsenic sprayed in fruits to retain freshness causes dizziness, cramps, paralysis, chills, and even death
·         Cobalt mixed in water and liquors causes cardiac problems.

And the list of adulterants and diseases goes on. There are adulterants used in basic food items we consume everyday that affect the central nervous system, cause hepatitis, skin diseases, and more. Children are the most vulnerable to diseases caused by adulterated food.  Anemia, mental retardation, brain and liver damage are common diseases affecting children.

Adulterated products also affect mortality rates. According to a survey, the adulteration-quality ratio is approximately 30:70. If the menace is not curbed, the ratio would only turn to 70:30.This would only worsen quality of lives and affect the health of people at large. Stringent laws and the need to consider food adulteration as a serious crime is something under consideration however as citizens it’s We the People who need to raise our Awareness and be vigilant enough to not become consumers of adulterated products.